Seca 797

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The seca 797 revolutionizes the integration of weighing and measuring data into your Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system with its advanced Wi-Fi interface. Here’s how to highlight its key features:

  1. Seamless Integration: With its Wi-Fi interface, the seca 797 can be seamlessly integrated directly into your EMR system. This allows for effortless transmission of weight and height measurements, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing transcription errors.
  2. Precise Measurements: The tilt-proof full metal platform ensures accurate weight measurements, while the convenient digital measuring rod enables precise determination of height. This combination of features provides healthcare professionals with reliable and comprehensive patient data.
  3. Efficient Patient Identification: The seca 797 enables efficient patient identification through its connected USB scanner. This feature allows staff to quickly and accurately identify patients and assign measurements to the correct medical records, streamlining workflow and reducing administrative burden.
  4. Error Prevention: By directly sending measurements into the correctly assigned medical record, the seca 797 helps prevent transcription errors and ensures the availability of all data. This enhances data accuracy and integrity, contributing to improved patient care and outcomes.
  5. Maximized Staff Efficiency: The streamlined workflow facilitated by the seca 797 maximizes staff efficiency by saving time on data entry and administrative tasks. This allows healthcare professionals to focus more on patient care and less on paperwork, ultimately improving overall productivity and satisfaction.

In summary, the seca 797 with its Wi-Fi interface offers seamless integration into EMR systems, precise measurements, efficient patient identification, error prevention, and maximized staff efficiency. Its advanced features and user-friendly design make it an invaluable tool for modern healthcare environments, where accurate and efficient data management is essential for delivering high-quality patient care.



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