Seca 787

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The seca 787 represents the pinnacle of networked weighing and measuring solutions, combining a robust design with advanced digital features for precise and efficient measurements. Here’s how to highlight its features:

  1. Sturdy and Reliable Design: The seca 787 is built with an especially sturdy design, featuring a tilt-proof full metal platform and a robust single-piece column. This ensures stability and reliability during every measurement, providing a secure platform for all patients, especially those affected by obesity.
  2. Digital Measuring Rod: Equipped with a digital measuring rod, the seca 787 allows for immediate calculation of BMI (Body Mass Index), providing valuable insights into a patient’s overall health status during each measurement.
  3. Network Connectivity: The seca 787 comes with an upgradable network module (seca 452), enabling seamless integration with your EMR (Electronic Medical Records) system. This allows height and weight measurements to be transmitted directly into your EMR system, streamlining data management and enhancing workflow efficiency.
  4. Patient Safety: Patients can feel secure on the platform of the seca 787, even when stepping on the edge of the base, thanks to its sturdy construction and tilt-proof design. This ensures a safe and comfortable experience for patients of all sizes.
  5. Efficient Data Management: By transmitting height and weight measurements directly into your EMR system, the seca 787 eliminates the need for manual data entry, reducing the risk of errors and saving valuable time for healthcare professionals.

In summary, the seca 787 is the ideal solution for networked weighing and measuring, offering a combination of sturdy design, advanced digital features, network connectivity, patient safety, and efficient data management. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with EMR systems enhances workflow efficiency and ensures accurate and reliable data collection, making it an indispensable tool for modern healthcare settings.


Réf : S787